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The SMO's mission is the provision of mediation services and insurance through a personal and ethical care that contribute to customer satisfaction.

The company governs its activity taking into account the following values:

  • Cooperation, transparency and attitude to attend with genuine interest.
  • We guarantee the relentless focus on our customers. We develop and promote a strong relationship with the customer, trying to reach profitable growth. This implies providing excellence in all our products, operations, processes and behaviors.
  • We build our success based on trust, justice and mutual integrity, and a clear and open communication. We value innovation in order to identify business opportunities, sharing knowledge and ideas.



The SMO is a new company with experienced people, offering availability, competence, independence and confidence in counseling and evaluation of personal and professional risks of our customers.

- Our Availability is full to serve and meet the needs of our customers;
- Our Competence is based on the experience and training of our professional staff;
- Our Independence is total. We relate to various insurance companies in the Portuguese market and international partnerships.
- Our Confidence is measured by full transparency and personal proximity to our customers.


Rua Júlio Dinis, N.º 247, 6.º Sala 6
4050-318 Porto

Phone +351 226 090 882


Office hours:
Monday to Friday
09h00 às 13h00
14h00 às 18h00